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  • Digit

    Digit is the largest selling English technology magazine in India from the house of 9.9 Interactive. Digit is an intelligent navigator that helps readers understand, select, use and remain at the forefront of digital technology. Digit is a clear number 1 in the space with a monthly circulation of 120,000 including 25,000 subscribers and 95,000 newsstand sales.

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  • The CTO Forum

    The CTO Forum is an authoritative platform for technology decision makers to provide insights on cutting edge IT business strategies, management techniques and perspectives. The CTO Forum, an English fortnightly, is generally considered as ‘the trusted source’ of knowledge for the CXO for issues ranging from choosing the right systems to integrating technology and deriving maximum returns on IT investments.

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  • Industry 2.0

    Industry 2.0 is a monthly, English, manufacturing technology magazine for decision makers in the manufacturing sector. It helps over 30,000 manufacturing executives navigate the maze of technology trends, production practices, business policies and strategies through a mix of print editions, special supplements, e-newsletters, events and conferences.

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  • Logistics 2.0

    SCM and Logistics 2.0 is a quarterly magazine that provides a comprehensive approach to the logistics industry. It is different from other products in the space by approaching the logistics issues from a ‘silo’ mentality. It brings the multi-modal world together, every quarter with a circulation of over 10,000.

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  • Skoar!

    SKOAR!, is the perhaps the only reputed computer video gaming magazine published in India. It is filled with great previews and reviews of gaming hardware and software and insightful columns by people from the Indian and international gaming industry. There is a thriving online Forum and EXPO which attracts the regulars of Indian Gaming community.

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